Dana is a joy to work with on any basis. She is as skilled and creative person as she is personable and friendly. She works hard and long toward her goals. She made my projects become her personal projects and never disappointed. She gets things done and exceeds expectations. Chris Hoyer, Chairman@Flat Rock Forensics
I started working with Dana because I needed a new UI for my app. I listened to each of her advice and I do not regret it at all. The app has now a new look, a real professional one. I really appreciate her thoroughness in making things look perfect. It is a great pleasure working with her and I strongly recommend her. Droidtep Apps
I collaborated with Dana on my involvement to the office automation at Oceanstar Management Inc. I would definitely recommend her as a front-end software engineer/designer for any project related to web technologies. During this one-year project she established herself as a very responsible and responsive team player. She is hard working and knows how to deliver effective UI designs. Specifically, she demonstrated a good understanding of JSF customizations and excellence in creation of cross-browser XHTML UIs and templates. Above all, I would distinguish her ability to be very fun to work with; a skill essential to facilitate strongly connected teams and synergy effects.Konstantinos Pappas, Consultant Engineer@Software Competitiveness International
Dana is a creative and dedicated contributor who would make a great addition to any team. Dana was instrumental in the design of our website, marketing collateral and social marketing plan. Her programming skills and keen eye towards design improved our online customer support portal, making it easier to navigate. Dana completed her tasks on time and added her creative vision when needed. I would highly recommend her. Jill Sermon, Director of Customer Experience@Flat Rock Systems, LLC
I had the pleasure to work with Dana during her time at SoftZone SRL and also we collaborate to work on specific projects. Her ideas, frequently lead to fruitful outcomes. I learned a lot from her. Sorina Cotet, Founder and Owner@SoftZone SRL